Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday five: childhood

today's friday five...

1. Can you remember being a very young child?
Not very well. My earliest memories are of kindergarten... not getting along with my teacher, but succeeding at climbing higher things on the playground. I might remember when my sister was born, I would have been three, but it might also just be repatched from stories, memories that little are tough to decipher.

2. Do you remember the first day of school?

3. Did you love or despise your siblings, providing you had them?
love! that's half the reason I had another kid, my sister rocks. she's like a political science major version of me.

4. Do you remember the name of your first friend?
my neighbor katie and I were great pals but went our separate ways around 3rd or 4th grade, she was destined to become a popular kid and I, shockingly, was going to be a nerd. later in elementary school I was best friends with a girl who had the same first name as me. we ruled the neighborhood on our bikes and bonded endlessly over new kids on the block and barbies until I moved at age 12. I recently found her on facebook and friended her, she's a biologist now, funny how that worked out, even after years and years of not talking independently grew into adults who have a lot in common.

5. Would you journey back to your childhood (as an adult) if you could?
certain times, sure. mostly I'd tell some elementary school bullies to fuck off. I should have learned that term earlier in life. I also wish I'd been nicer to my little sister as a kid, we were very close by the time we were in high school together but I have memories of some younger times that I am not so proud of.
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