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spacebaby2 gets a bed

When Josie was around 16-18 months old she started climbing out of her crib like it was no problem. She started by stacking up stuffed animals in one corner, then a week later didn't even need those. Just gymnast over the side, dropped to the floor and started running.

So when people asked, "When do you move your toddler from a crib to a toddler bed?" I looked at them like they were nuts... why would you keep a toddler in a crib? They just jump out! This isn't a question.

Then there's Olive. She was not walking at 10 months like Josie, eventually did just fine with it, just wasn't concerned about it until she was 14 months old or so. And here we are almost to her second birthday and she's still not climbing out of her crib.

Finally this week we said enough, the crib was taking up tons of space, hard to change the sheets, just seemed weird. So we got rid of it and set up Josie's old toddler bed. Olive slept her first night in it just fine.

In the morning I'm getting ready for work when I hear a sound I'm used to... Olive singing from her bedroom. I go in and she's just laying in that bed. Twisting around in her blankie, hugging her toys, sucking her thumb. She sees me and smiles and reaches up for me to lift her up from the bed, just... this is our routine, right? It's morning time, I'm happy and awake, I lay here until someone gets me?

What else could I do? I scooped her up like a baby, took her, her blankie, and favorite chosen toys downstairs. I ask her, "Olive did you sleep in your bed? you know you can get up yourself now right?" and she said, "uh huh, bed!" I say to Marc, "she didn't get up herself, just waited for me. I don't think she gets it." She curled up on my lap and smiled.

youngest kids, man. as an oldest kid I was always sure that baby sisters did everything they could to be the baby for as long as possible. I can't help but think that's it.
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