Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

lj friends etiquette

I actually had someone message me on livejournal to say "I noticed you friended me. I don't think we know each other. Could you unfriend me?"

damn. so, yup, I promptly did.

I USUALLY post a comment when I friend someone... a "hey, I was looking for people interested in lemurs and here you are" or "I found you through x community" but it's not 100%, I'll admit it.

guess I need to be 100% about it.

people don't do that on any other social network. how did it get to be a thing here? I have never cared an ounce who friends me. it doesn't affect anything. it doesn't force them onto MY friends list. I usually friend back, sure, because most people who friend me end up being cool or at least worth checking out.

oh well. everyone else I've friended this year has seemed happy about it. or at least tolerant!

how's the internet supposed to work, again?
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