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my workweek cadence

This will all sound really corporate, just a warning. But I love lists, organization, cadences, and find them all soothing when I get overwhelmed by all the craziness of my job where a zillion things are going on all the time. I gotta focus on something.

So a few years ago I started dedicating certain days of the week to different ideas, so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. and it's stuck with me. my nerdy system has kind of evolved into a pattern that I haven't actually talked about, not even at work, but wanted to write down.

Mission Monday - Write down my top 3-5 priorities to get done this week. Of course there's always a running list of way more than that, but for me personally, for the week, I can handle about that many. I use my whiteboard for this so I can erase last week's completed completed items for an early pat on the back.

Conversation Tuesday - Make an extra effort to check in with other groups and make sure everybody's doing well. Spend some facetime with someone I've just been emailing. See what I can do to help.

Status Wednesday- Dedicate a little time to assessing where we're at with everything, and come up with a new plan for any monday priority items that have stalled.

Stick it Thursday - Which I could call "focus Thursday" if I was nice, but it's really not, this was the second day I thought of. Focus as much as possible on the absolute top priority, and tell everyone else to stick it. Go as long as possible without checking email. Hide in places where nobody can find me to review long documents.

Fix shit Friday - Okay, or fix "it" if you're nice... just get lots of little stuff fixed. Tackle all the low priority stuff that I didn't want to distract me earlier in the week, especially if I know it'll only take 15 minutes to get off my plate. Work on the projects that I personally find the most interesting.

And then, done! Of course no day is 100% dedicated to any one thing, that's impossible, and I don't need all day to, say, status crap. or talk to people... egads I'd go nuts. But this way at least I give myself permission to take care of these things, they have a place and a chance that I'll get to everything.
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