Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

freecycling etiquette (or... can it not be a pain in the ass?)

I like the idea of freecycling. I'm in a local facebook group for it which works really well, just post up a pick of what you've got and see who comments. It's nice for big stuff that you don't want to tote to the thrift store.

however I'm frequently surprised at how much work it is to give something away for free. most conversations I have with people wanting my stuff go like this:

me: hey I'm glad you want the couch! if you want to come grab it, I'll be here thursday evening, or pretty much any time saturday or sunday. just name a time.

them: thanks, so excited! saturday or sunday would work for me to.

me: wondering how "name a time" got ignored How about Saturday around 3pm then?

them: Well actually Sunday would work better.

me: dammit, now I remember why I hate freecyling Okay, Sunday at 3pm?

them: Or the evening?

me: I swear to God I'm going to burn this couch in the front lawn Yes, or evening! Name a time. Like, 7:00?

them: Sounds good, I will see you then.


me: glances at clock showing 7:45 Were you going to come by for the couch?

them: Oh sorry I meant to tell you my brother's daughter's math tutor's former roommate needed help washing his crabs...

and so it goes for DAYS.

eventually YOU, the giver, always have to make the call and say "sorry, I'm going to be that impatient asshole who invite over the next person on the list who wanted this thing".

we also just had a set of drawers that we set out on the curb with a sign on it that said "free" and they were gone in an HOUR! and it made me wonder why I was taking the time to coordinate through this group... I guess because there are some things that I just don't want to leave out in nature, people don't trust things like couches or bedding unless they know more about it and know that it's been kept inside, so I assume people who take good care of stuff will not be picking up a couch off a curb. if I want to find good homes for my things it means spending a little effort and dealing with a little bullshit. just gotta relax, I'll be okay.
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