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It's hot out today, but it feels positive. I love summer. I love sweating, it cleans out your pores. I love taking a shower because you know you've got to, you've got a lot to wash off and you feel good and clean after it. I love how my skin doesn't dry out and my hair isn't staticky and the air smells like there's something there, it's not just empty and stupid.

I slept in until ten today, dave and I talked about life and ate leftover pizza from last night's papa john's order. I got a spinach alfredo pizza and it's really great... kinda mild, so the peppers they give you went well with it. At 1:00 we went to a local independent coffee shop to meet up with rev_rance and rawbery79 and her rob. I hadn't met r. before but she's very cool and totally beautiful. A lot younger than I'd pictured her, she's my same age but for some reason I'd never paid attention to that or anything, she writes well so I figured she was like 30. Why do I always feel like the youngest most inexperienced person on she-net? Maybe it's because I keep getting the feeling that everyone around me has life figured out to a degree much higher than mine. Maybe I like to think everyone has life figured out more than I do, gives me the illusion that I'll have it all down in five years :)

Dave looked bored the whole time, but we were in a coffee shop and he doesn't drink coffee, and he's been tired lately. Worked lots of hours this week. I've worked a little over forty hours in a week maybe twice in my life so I can't relate. So anyway, we came back and decided to go swimming in his apartment complex pool. There were a lot of kids in it and it's a small pool, we watched them give each other diving lessons which was scary because it's like five feet deep at the most. Came back, showered, watched TV and drank cool drinks. The AC is off but it didn't feel so bad in here, as I said, I feel good when I feel warm.

I worked on my resume a lot. Am trying interesting new things, I cut out the "objective" because it didn't matter much, I had two recruiters tell me they skip right over it. So now I've got headings for "summary of qualifications", "education", "work experience", and... this is new... "web portfolio highlights". I list the top 5 sites I've done and 2-3 pointers about what they accomplish. I hope it's okay, I'll send it to some people on monday.
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