Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

on marriage and feminist guys

dichroic, who I've been friends with for a long time and highly recommend, wrote about how feminism gets us to treat men like adults instead of those sitcom-joke buffoons who are just the oldest kid in the house. here, here. so I just also wanted to say that I am happy to be married to a feminist guy who shuns those jokes. he's silly, sure, but at the end of the day we're both grown-ups who can handle discussions about what needs to change. anywhere! in our house, in the world.

and that's a big deal to me because how can I vent my frustrations about the world if a guy can't even get past "man of the house" mentality at home?

just a week or so ago I was complaining to marc about the steady stream of internet trolls at the noble feminist forum known as, and about how they constantly want to turn every discussion into the #notallmen. this discussion happens all. the. time.

random troll: We don't need feminism, why do we need feminism?
us: Well lots of reasons. Have you seen rape and sexual assault statistics lately? It's affecting way too many women, it's extreme and disproportionate.
trolls: there you go again acting like rape is this huge deal like all men are rapists and you feminists have to be mean to us and make these accusations and my feelings are important and I haven't raped anybody I am not a bad guy I try to be nice and you mean feminists are so divisive and making everything men vs. women and why can't we all get along! what about the mens!

I describe this to Marc and ask, "What's wrong with people that they have to take this huge global issue and make it all about themselves?"

And without thinking he just say, "Sounds like those guys feel like they deserve a medal for not raping anyone today."

word. it all comes together.
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