Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

So here's a consequence of women in leadership...

One of my most important engineers is going to be out for several weeks now because we had this conversation:

Him: Hey, my wife's having a baby.

Me: Congratulations! When?

Him: February timeframe. And I was thinking... I know I only get a week of paid paternity leave, but I have tons of vacation saved up, so I'd like to use it to get an extra week off after that? Do you think that'd be a good idea?

Me: Jesus man YES. That week? Nothing! It'll fly by! No one should leave a woman alone with a seven-day-old when she's just had a baby! Yes you should take an extra week, or MORE, FMLA gives you 12 remember so you could even have some unpaid, I'll help you with the paperwork, I know all about it. We'll survive! It is no problem!

Him: Wow, thanks. I'd heard supervisors weren't always so supportive of that. I'll tell my wife I'll be with her longer than the week then, she'll appreciate that.

Me: GOOD, you're doing the right thing!

(then silently to myself: crap what have I done? well those reports were already behind schedule... what's one more head down?)
Tags: management, women engineers
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