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20 reasons why I'm still reading paper books

Reasons I'm still reading paper books

So this topic comes up a LOT among people who read all the time so I figure I should address the topic, maybe annually, about why a tech-savvy nerd gal like me is still reading old fashioned paper books. I have heard many praises of e-readers, I know everyone who gets into them never goes back, but I haven't gone that way yet. why spacefem, why.

1) My library's app isn't terribly friendly. I got it for my ipad, it was limited on what I could borrow and I had to sign in with my whole library card user number EVERY TIME. eff that. Granted this was like a year ago, I should probably try and retry, I know these things improve.

2) There are books everywhere, you know that right? I built a little free library by my house so now people literally leave books on my front LAWN. No shortage of things to read!

3) I like the serendipity of going out to my little free library, seeing what's in there, and letting the books find me.

4) Speaking of no shortage... I know too many people with ereaders who have queued up a reading list that far surpasses their life expectancy. While I do have a "to read" list on my library's website, physical books are a little harder to pile up in the 100s. When they pile up, I visually see them piling up, the stack can get knocked over, I'm forced to keep it low and it never gets overwhelming.

5) My public library also has every book I ever want. I do not buy books. I go to their website, search for a title, click "reserve", and pick it up at my local branch. They charge $0.25 for the hold. I can get a lot of those 25 cent holds for the cost of an ereader.

6) I like supporting my public library with visits. It tells them they're important. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of socio-economic diversity, and sure I can afford an ereader but not every kid down the street is in the same boat.

7) I love my ipad but it's a 3 and basically totally obsolete. It's a tank, and barely runs the latest operating system. Technology goes obsolete quickly. But if someone gives me a book, I can keep it around for 10 or 15 years.

8) However I do not keep most books that long because again, public library. I've found that the "due in 2-4 weeks" deadline actually helps me get my butt in gear and reading. I even have a personal policy to never renew a book more than once... there are too many books in the world to give anything more than 6 weeks of my life. So I don't finish some, I've learned to be cool with that and move on.

9) Paper is just more romantic.

10) The few books I own tell people things about who I am, when they see them on my shelves. They probably also tell people that I'm old and can't figure out ereaders, but I care less about that.

11) I can lend out books.

12) If I lose a book, the replacement is maybe $20 or so max.

13) I can drop a book and it doesn't break.

14) I can leave a book in a hot car in the summer and it doesn't melt.

15) I can snap photos of my favorite quotes with my phone, then it's KINDA like I marked a spot with my ereader!

16) My kid likes to make me bookmarks.

17) My mom doesn't think I'm goofing off on the internet.

18) I can have one book I'm reading at work on my lunch breaks, and one book at home, another in the car, and it doesn't require three devices.

19) Books never need recharged.

20) Everything I read is in a new font, it's refreshing.

21) No one bothers me while I'm reading to ask how I like that ereader because they are also thinking of getting one.

22) I set out to write down 20 reasons why I read paper books and couldn't even stop at 20. See? But okay. I'll stop.
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