Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

burner friends

There's this group of people in our lives who I sometimes want to refer to as "burner friends" but I'd have to explain what that means, so I figure I'll write this one entry to get it out of the way so everyone understands.

Burner friends are people who meet each other through Burning Man related festivities. Burning Man is this big party in the desert where tens of thousands of people get together for a week to create a mini utopia sort of society where everyone shares things and makes art. There are offshoot events throughout the year, called "local burns", with a few hundred people doing the same kind of thing but staying closer to home. It's called "burning man" because there will be a big thing built that represents "the man" and corporate materialism and all that stuff, and at the end of the event it gets burned and this makes for lots of fun.

and after you go to one of these events, especially if you're terribly involved with the planning, you end up with... burner friends.

burner friends may camp out on your couch or sleep in your basement for a few days and it's no big deal. If you have a nice guestroom, they'll likely ignore that and sleep on your couch anyway.

burner friends will drink your alcohol, but they'll bring their own cup with them because disposable ones are not earth friendly.

burner friends are frequently vegan, or at least really like humus.

burner friends like to hug a lot. a LOT. they'll hug people they just met. they'll hug to say thank you.

if a burner friend leaves your house it will probably take an hour or so of making sure everyone is hugged all around before they're actually out the door.

burner friends have all different hair colors, lots of tattoos and piercings, or they might just let you color on them.

some burner friends wear lots of clothes: big flowey skirts, lots of accessories, layers of fabric, homemade scarves.

some burner friends don't wear anything.

burner friends attend events on "burner time", which means the early ones show up at least 3 hours late.

most burner friends do indeed like to burn things. not in a bad way, they won't *try* to burn down your house, but they love fire spinning, fire eating, blowing flames, fire hula hoops, you name it. it's a good idea to point out to them where the garden hoses and older towels are, so they can put out fires that aren't in the right place. burners do want to be safe; our burner friends' motto is "Safety Third!"

burner friends like mottos.

burner friends are crafty. they make art, food, wine, beer. it's all been tasty and safe so far.

I ran into some guys once who'd been up smoking weed all night and I offered them toast and coffee because it was morning time, and they said "just coffee. I don't eat gluten, that shit will kill you." burner friends.

burner friends are like louder, tech-friendlier hippies.

good to have around.
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