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I've been trying to buy very few articles of clothing the past year or so, after a few resolutions and cleanout sprees, I only buy something if I know I will love it and want to wear it every single week.

But I did want a new hooded sweatshirt, I was tired of wearing marc's huge ones and I had a few favorites that died over the years.

I'm tall so there's only like five places I can buy clothes and everything gets special ordered online. My standbys are:

Eddie Bauer - but their hoodies were were kinda "performance" workout material and I try to buy natural fibers.

jcrew - nothing affordable or casual enough.

jcpenny - had to be weird about everything all the sudden

lands end - nothing quite right, plus their quality has been spotty ever since sears bought them, mom and I both agree

gap - the winner of this challenge! 100% cotton, plain gray zip up hoodie, with just a small gap logo in a circle at the bottom that hey, I could deal with.

So I order it, there was even a coupon so I got a pretty good deal. It quickly arrives at my house. I unpack it.

it's got GAP in GIANT shiny foil letters across the whole back. I'm talking they're like 8" tall! like an that can be seen from space. shoot!

I'm keeping it, it was cheap and fills my need, I'll mostly wear it around the house or just to the store, I like how it fits.

but it got me wondering... who buys a sweatshirt and thinks "I'm so happy that it says GAP in huge letters across the whole back! that's the look I was going for, a GAP commercial!"

maybe nobody likes it and they just sneak these screenprints on for people who shop online and never hit "all views" on the photos? but not everybody shops online! and they wouldn't make it if it didn't sell, right?

I can't relate to humanity.
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