Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friend quest 2015

Remember when I said I'd make some new lj friends in 2015?

Well I kinda have, it's kinda worked!

But it's going slowly, and I see memes going around with other people doing similar things, so I decided to try an experiment...


I started this community yesterday... late, I know, but there's still a bit of 2015 left... for people who want to feel a bit of a revival. Maybe we'll make some new cool friends, maybe we won't. But since it's a 2015 community we can blow the whole thing away on Jan 1 2016 and nobody will know the difference.

I hope some of you join!

And if I'm launching this little side project all wrong, I hope some of you tell me that too.
Tags: community, livejournal, social media
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