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what's on your bookshelf

I totally support denorios what's on your bookshelf friending meme... and it's on the main page of livejournal so I bet everyone else will too :) the idea is that us book nerds should friend each other, and you all know I too have been trying to increase the f-list lately, so here goes!

The Basics

name: spacefem
age: 34
location: Kansas


favourite book: Contact by Carl Sagan, here's why you should not let it movie ruin it for you, they're about totally different things!

aside from that, if I blog about a book, it's because I either LOVE it or HATE it, so here's my tag for those:

favourite author: Honestly I have lots of favorite books but I try not to read too much by any single author. I think everyone has too much to say. So my favorite author list would kinda be a copy of my favorite book list and then what's the point.
favourite book series: gosh, I don't do series much. The Belgariad by David Eddings.
favourite screen adaptation of a book: The Natural actually improved on the book so that gets quick points. I was obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies, also read the books but was movie OBSESSED.
preferred genre: nonfiction about business, science, feminism or culture. occasional fiction (chick lit or sci fi) thrown in if things get too heavy.
print or ebook?: PRINT hate to say it, I'm an old fashioned girl.
currently reading: Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong
rec something: the myths of innovation by scott berkun should be required reading for anyone in science, tech, history, journalism, or anything else.


fandoms: star trek
ships: is this like a boat? not in KANSAS my friends!
interests: flying, web design,
other social media accounts: @spacefem
something random about yourself: I have three guinea pigs. they live in my craft room and supply cuteness.
anything else: nah, I'm not in a GIF mood.
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