Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

start your day the spacefem way

I woke up all early today for no apparent reason again and there's really nothing to do this time. Nothing opens until 10:00 so I'm just sort of chillin' here. I'm wearing a tube top because I love it, but I keep reading that no one should wear tube tops because they're tacky. thoughts?

On the livejournal front: I've been adding everyone to my friends list who ads me lately, and I realized yesterday or so that this was an issue. My friends page was totally dominated by a few people who post all the time, and even though I have people in groups, I was totally losing tabs on the friends I've had for a while who I care about. So I went back on my policy and cut some people out, mainly if you post more than 4-5 times a day. I'll still try to read your journal, but I had some people/communities on there who post 15 times a day (I'm not kidding!) and I just can't handle that. It's not that we're not friends, you just don't get to be on my friends page anymore :)

Had a job placement lady yesterday tell me I'd just get eaten up by employers if I got some kind of quality control certification, like Six Sigma or ISO 9000, to go along with my web design stuff. Huh? What? I took half a quality control class in college and thought it was total bullshit. She has to know what she's talking about to be doing what she's doing, I'm just not sure how valid that is, it doesn't seem to make sense.

She also told me to add dates to my employement things on my resume. I told her I'd kept those off because looking at all the dates made me seem really young. My whole resume makes me seem really young. Uhg.

Went out to mexican last night with dave and rance. It was fun, I had a fantastic margarita and some enchilladas, we talked about domain name squatters and computer stuff. Stuff to do in Des Moines. I'm going to do more shopping today, not that I have money, but I just like getting out and driving around.
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