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our new years eve party

First off, Happy New Year everybody! I hope 2015 brings you great things.

I'm always bad at wondering what the heck we did last new years eve, so this year I'm writing about it.

There wasn't much going on for new years eve, the parties we were invited to came with "drop your kids off!" notes on the facebook invites despite the fact that it's not fun to try to get a sitter on NYE. So we threw a party. I didn't think anyone would come, it was Marc's idea. But some nice people showed up the usual mix of burner hippies, random pre-partiers, internet friends. One family did bring kids so Josie had another little girl to chase around and that makes it a party for her. She was SO excited, dressed up and everything, and we let her drink entirely too much sparkling grape juice.

Olive doesn't do as well at parties, has her cute moments but also gets clingy and when it comes to other kids she's got the toddler anti-sharing thing happening. By 10:30 was totally pissed off at the world, but Marc got her to sleep so it was okay.

I actually stayed up past midnight which was shocking. A week of not working has to be the cause of that one. We played youtube videos of countdowns on TV and Josie wanted to watch like 20 of them so what the heck. Played some Cards Against Humanity. Folks were out around 1:30.
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