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Everything I did in 2014

This is sort of an annual entry, and this year it'll be interesting because I slacked a bit on the lj this year. But I'm here, and I want to remember all this. Maybe next year I will try to make it a definite hard goal to write down three things I actually DID during the month.

Also it's tough because one huge thing happened to me: my promotion to department manager. And I couldn't really write about that, because work and people and proprietary company information. But it was quite the tsunami.

January: My new years resolution was to read up on intersectional feminism so I read Ain't I a Woman by Bell Hooks and wow, even though it's 30 years old it was COMPLETELY NEW to me. I felt like I'd been living under a rock.

February: I talked at the SWE regional conference about being a breadwinner mom with a stay at home dad, which lead to some really interesting topic discussions about gender roles and identity of default parents.

March: I tried to start flying again, but my FAA third class medical was deferred for migraine questions. This ended up being a huge paperwork fiasco that wasn't resolved until late August.

April: The airplane company I work for had merged this year with another airplane company, and we finally brought our departments together, reorganized, which involved my life being turned upside-down as I was given the avionics department for all piston products.

May: On the internet, feminism has become weirdly trendy and other folks are finally starting to call out the "Men's Rights" organizations that have been plaguing things for years. Make no mistake, they are not about improving things for men. They are about blaming feminists for all men's problems. Good discussions are finally being had though.

June: I finally inflated my bike tires and went on a few bike rides this year, after it was a failed new years resolution for a while. Josie got a bike for her 4th birthday and I have dreams of us riding together, but she still bikes pretty slow, so our outings are usually me walking the dog alongside her. But still it's nice. We had lots of days of her biking to the park, where I'd tie up the dog and sit on a bench and read for an hour in the sunshine while she played.

July: Spacebaby II, at the age of 14 months, decided one weekend that she'd like to learn to walk. She found a step to sit on and would toddle gleefully into the arms of some warm adult and that's how it went. Now it's laps around the house, because that's how that sort of thing goes.

August: My sister was due to have a baby but a friend of mine talked me into a trip to NYC with her about two weeks before I was due to become an aunt, so I said sure what the heck. We flew out and saw Cabaret with Alan Cumming, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Neil Patrick Harris, and both were amazing. Of course, that darn baby decided to arrive the second day of my trip! So I got back from New York and drove straight up to Topeka for quality baby-holding time.

September: Drove back up to Topeka one weekend, just Josie and me, to hang out with the baby. Josie learned to make rubber band bracelets and was entertained for hours. At work, the guy in charge of the turboprops department had to go on another assignment so I got his stuff too... everything we make with a propeller.

October: Took a trip up to Cedar Rapids for a couple days for work, this was related to touchscreens on the King Air. (see... the coolest things are on the list I can't blog about!) Our toastmasters club chartered, finally, this was awesome! And I went on a few flights to try and get current, but weather turned Kansas-y and that dream was dropped again.

November: Attempted to rally to bring back with a redesign, software upgrade and a few good postings. It worked! People were happy to have it back as a refuge from social media stealing our souls. It was amazing how little effort it took, to be honest. We've had more new users in the last six weeks than we had in the last 12 months before that, posts went from around 50 a week to over 700.

December: Fantastic Christmas with the family. The girls got a marble rally and a dollhouse. I've gotten more active on twitter lately (@spacefem) because it's fun.

You know, I guess there were a lot of things that happened this year. Lots of "little" steps - I flew a little, biked a little, read a little, traveled a little, managed a little. I dipped my toe into lots of things. I don't say this every year, but I'd be totally happy for 2015 to be a relaxed, "more of the same" year. I want to feel like my feet are under me.
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