Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

anti-materialism: I'm doing it wrong

First World Christmas. The struggle is real. I really want to keep Christmas low-key... one big gift, 3-4 little gifts.

Josie, age 4, has asked for: a teddy bear.

Well, mostly. in between, when we're in stores, she wants EVERYTHING. Teddy bear is what she drew on her letter to santa in school, but she constantly is at me with "mom I'm out of glue/tape/glitter" and I say, "Maybe Santa can bring you that." And every time we buy another kid a birthday present, she's asking for the same thing. and she's wanted to dress up like "frozen" for a year and I've been thinking it was a phase... no, her frozen phase is going to last well into her 20s at this rate, there are no signs of stopping.

So I have bought her: an elsa dress, a hello kitty game, Legos from LAST christmas that got put away because I decided she wasn't ready, a doll house from her birthday that shipped late so we hid it away... that's right we have a toy backlog!

Marc wants a bbq pop-up game, I want "Guess Who?", she needs a replacement Alphabugs book because it's her favorite book but the copy we have is from our little free library and missing half the pop-ups. It looks like a pop-up book you got in the yard. Because we did.

She wants a makeup kit (I'm going to feminist hell if I get that but dammit she's obsessed) gloves to dress up like elsa, a Rudolph with a light-up nose, I'm getting her some drawing books because she wants to be an artist and is always asking us to show her how to draw stuff.

I really want a marble rally. I have to admit this one is all me. I don't know if Josie even knows about marble rallies. I've wanted one since I was six. I have carefully researched all available options, know my requirements and am so ready for a marble rally. But I don't think it can go on this list that's already too far down the into the depths of the badness. and Olive is just going to eat the marbles anyway. I should just get it for me, and play with it in my office.

Olive is getting a bath book and a puppet. Well, shit, and an elsa dress. Because my 18-month old can sing "Let It Go", further evidence that I'm a terrible parent, and I don't want her to be jealous of her sister's new dress.

I have not bought the teddy bear.


so I've got way too many little gifts, half of which are in my cart and I just can't hit "submit" because I know it's too much.

and for big gifts I can't decide if I should give her only the lego OR the dollhouse OR the marble rally, or just say fuck it and give her all three. you're only four once, right?
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