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Des Moines Duex!

Am so not french.

I have a new user icon too :) Just had to make it one, I've felt like putting up the picture too many times.

Okay, today I got up early, like, 5 a.m., because the sun comes right through the blinds of dave's window and it's like turbo-bright in here all the time. I'm the kinda girl who can't sleep through sunshine (neat phrase, go me!) so I just bounced around and probably woke everybody up although zach probably won't admit it. Got in the shower before anybody and ate some english muffins for breakfast and Got Pretty for interviews with placement companies.

I love driving around Des Moines, it is way more interesting than Kansas City. Parents aren't going to like reading that. sorry, guys, it's the truth.

Both job placement people I talked to today were really nice but told me my resume was a disaster. I knew that. They told me to give up on the "general resume" idea. Have two resumes, have three resumes, it doesn't matter! But if I want to be a web designer somewhere I need a web design resume, if I want to be an engineer somewhere I need an engineer resume. The second lady told me to "do something beautiful and send it to me over the weekend." Uh, okay. They also both said that it would be tough for them to place me because they make employers charge fees, but unlike the KC companies they will tell me who to send my resume to here. Points! I'm really glad I saw both of them, got some fantastic ideas.

To celebrate my psuedo victories I went shopping! Went to the mall to experience unique Iowa stores like Sears. I had to buy some shorts and it took FOREVER to find shorts that fit, I went to like every store. It was a mess because I never had any idea what size I was (where's that thread? she-net?). I'd try on size 6 dresses then size 12 shorts then size 14 shorts then size 10 shorts... you get the idea. Ugh! Finally found some at Gadzooks for $20 with a belt! Cute. Also found a big sale at Afterthoughts - jewelry and crap, 10 for $5. I ended up getting 12 for $6 though because that's just how special it was. That's how I needed to buy accessories... in one big swoop where if I get it home and hate it, who cares?

Rewarded self with M&M blizzard and drove home. Changed clothes, I'm currently sitting here in my favorite denim dress and a bracelet and a necklace and a hair band... totally accesorized! Horray!

Also, des moiners popped up all sorts of places in yesterday's livejournal entry! Looks like we might do something Sunday, if any of you sexilicious/she-net types are interested just e-mail and I'll try to... do something weird. We need a place to meet! I'm terribly excited though, I'll say that right now.
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