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Josie is four, old enough that she understands a lot of things that are happening in the world. But not all of it. And sometimes she's just weird. So I don't know if these snippets will amuse anyone but me, but they work for me.

Here are samples from our conversations.


Me: Yes angel?
Her: At school the day before, not today but yesterday, not today, we went to the library and I turned my book in. YESTERDAY. NOT TODAY.
Me: That's great sweetie! What did you do today?
Her: We didn't go to the library.


Her: I'm going to be an artist when I grow up. You know what school I have to go to for that?
Me: What school baby?
Her: ART SCHOOL. So I can learn to draw the things that I don't know how to draw. Like princesses. And spoons.
Me: Did you say spoons?


Me: Josie hon will you do me a favor and bring my phone that's over there?
Her: Sure! I will do that favor!
Me: You know, I'm actually really impressed that you know the word 'favor'. What does 'favor' mean?
Her: It's when someone tells you to do something. And you do it.


Me: Grandma and Grandpa are taking us out to a very fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving.
Her: OH I HAVE TO GET MY QUARTERS! A fancy restaurant has a gumball machine and I can buy gum and see it spin around!

related: one day I got home from work and she told me that she wanted daddy to take me out to a fancy restaurant. one with hamburgers, and balloons.

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