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our thanksgiving this year started up in KC where we visited my family and went to the Bristol for a lovely buffet. there was tuna and oysters and turkey and sausage dressing, it was amazing. we visited the IKEA the day before, got some new little stools for the girls' coloring table and a comforter for Josie's bed and had a blast.

then we came home, relaxed Saturday, and made a big dinner on Sunday for Marc's parents.

here's josie. the pink shirt is because she wore her batgirl costume to thanksgiving. you know, because it's special:

and here's olive. she sat down and ate with a vengeance until she passed out. this is pretty normal for olive, this kid actually falls asleep in her high chair every 3-4 days I'd say.

I dunno, when Josie was a baby she would scream at us when she got tired so we'd rock her forcibly to sleep. With Olive, we can't really tell, she's happily doing laps around the house and babbling until suddenly it's mealtime and her legs aren't moving, and then it all catches up to her. she'll fall asleep with food in her spoon, still chewing. it's kind of a mess. we wipe her off and dump her on the couch and she rolls over and stays asleep.

overall our weekend was perfect, and making thanksgiving dinner at home on sunday means the leftovers will make great lunches for me to take to work the next couple days. looking forward to it.

happy thanksgiving!
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