Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

how to switch hairstylists

Lately I've had a heck of a time finding someone I like to cut my hair.

Here's what I was having a tough time. I'd call a salon I'd never been to before and ask for someone, anyone. I'd go and get my haircut by a person who was just... okay. The salon would immediately schedule my next appointment with that same person, assuming I always wanted to come back to the same stylist. If I called, they'll look me up and say "Let's see you go to... Katie!"

And while Katie was cutting my hair I'd look over and see someone else getting an AWESOME haircut from some stylist I'd love to try, but it's considered a bit insulting and awkward to switch, Katie would see me three chairs over if I asked for that other stylist and wonder what went wrong.

So after about three visits, I'd just switch salons and go random again. Always random, never to anybody who I'd seen doing a good job cutting hair.

Social niceties. They suck!

BUT as luck would have it, my mom has run into this problem and has the solution.

She goes to a salon. Gets her haircut. Notices who's really good there.

Then the next time she calls for an appointment, she'll say "Last time I had Katie, what days does she work?"

They'll reply, "Well she has every Tuesday and Friday off."

And she'll say "Oh that's too bad, I MUST have my hair cut on Tuesday! or Friday. Darn! Uh... is Carol available, by chance?"

problem solved. I'm so there.
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