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can women wear the same outfit every day?

entry is cross posted to ello because yeah I'm doing that now.

this article about smart guys who wear the same outfit every day is making the rounds - it brings up Steve Jobs' black shirt, Obama's same suit, Zuckerberg's hoodie, and lead my circles to ask if the same concept could ever work for a successful woman. The men who do this claim it's great to wake up every morning and have one less decision to make.

If you're into celeb news world (I'm not) you'll definitely feel that women are held to a different standard - no one is supposed to wear the same dress to two different events, or even the same dress that someone else has worn.

But that world is not my world, so this year I took on Project 33 - cut all your clothes, shoes, accessories down to 33 items per season. I did it for closet space because my old house was built before people had to go nuts with materialism. But surprisingly it's worked out really well for me, I love it!

I don't wear the same thing every day, but I'd say I only wear 5-10 outfits in a rotation at any given time. My closet is 3 ft wide but I've got room for my clothes, plus a few inches for hangars to move around. I don't spend much time wondering what to wear because the outfits I'm down to are the ones I love. I don't feel guilty about repeats, because making myself scale down made me realize that nobody really notices or cares.

I do work in engineering, which makes a difference. People tend to be more logical, there aren't fashionistas where I work. Even before this project I'd had a pretty successful career despite the fact that I never wear makeup at all. Due to the demands of crawling around on airplanes I don't wear skirts or heels. The true eccentrics insist on wearing only natural fibers in case of some nasty industrial accident involving a fire, I won't go into that here, but natural fibers are a good idea anyway so I pay attention to materials.

I won't speak for every woman but I think we could do this. Or at least wear the same outfit twice.
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