Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spacebaby's guide to routine car maintenance

I never posted up this video but it's kinda fun.

I got my oil changed at a place and they mentioned that my air filter was way overdue for a change. Those are pretty easy... I have changed my own oil before, so I know it's a pain in the ass and I like paying someone else to do it. But an air filter? Anybody can do that. And I figured I'd use it as a teachable moment for Josie, who's kind of obsessed with watching tutorials on youtube, mostly of crafters making rubber band bracelets but that's another entry.

I just think it's a good thing to teach your kid that the world is full of DIY projects that are totally look-upable.

So I searched youtube for a video, showed it to josie, asked her if she thought we could do this. She agreed, it looked fun!

We went to the car parts store, got home, changed the air filter in about ten seconds, and then Josie said "We should make a movie!" I already posted up that one video of her coloring, trust me there are MANY MORE because the kid likes to narrate, but I usually choose to spare the internet.

anyway now there's this:

good times! I realize we are not exactly on the quick road to rebuilding transmissions but it was something fun and different. Preschoolers can make anything into an adventure.

And all this family fun cost me about $11. For $20 or so, I could have paid those guys at the oil change place to do it, but would have totally missed out!
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