Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

on location

So here I am in sunny Des Moines, Iowa! It is crazy here... people from Des Moines doing Des Moines stuff and being all... oh who am I kidding? It's just like Kansas except there are more places to buy alcohol and fireworks.

Trip up was nice. I like driving fast, I like my car. Had to listen to some awful country station for like an hour in the middle of nowhere, that kind of made me really wish the car had a CD player. (I have a tape deck. cool, huh?) Stopped once for a burrito supreme at taco bell but that was it. Dave's directions to get to his apartment left some things to be desired but I found the place by fate it seems.

I'm talking to two placement companies tomorrow then I've got the weekend to just sort of hang out and experience the phenomenon that is Iowa. Maybe I'll do some shopping, I need some shorts.
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