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not many updates this month I realize, if I have an excuse though it's that Kansas is really a two season place to live. We have hot summer, then we have cold winter. In between there's usually a 3-5 day period of transition where it's perfect out. A lot of those days are in September. So we've been taking advantage of the awesomeness.

We went camping last weekend with the kids and they loved it, Josie was immediately sad that we weren't staying two nights. We went on a walk on a long trail and found a turtle. The week before that we were up at the great planes nature center and saw a deer on that trail, although I think Josie was more interested in the grasshoppers. And Olive was more interested in the dirt.

Oh but back to camping! It went great except Olive didn't sleep, so Marc spent a lot of the night in the car with her, and the dog had to get up and walk around every hour and inside a tarp in a tent it was SUPER loud so finally I tied the dog up outside and said "I don't care if the coyotes eat you!" and then finally got more than two consecutive hours of sleep. Josie was crashed out through all this, didn't care.

We made s'mores, ate hot dogs, there was hot chocolate and doritos.

And then we went home. Josie goes on bike rides a lot now and I walk beside her with the dog, sometimes we take Olive in the stroller but that's a lot. Josie's getting a lot better on the bike though and I have our neighborhood mapped out a lot better in terms of slope... you want to start out a bike ride with a four-year-old going uphills, so when she's tired and whiny there's more downhills. We get to the park a lot. Sometimes I can read. That's what's going on in September.
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