Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the work-life-balance TV trope

I've been re-watching "Grey's Anatomy" on netflix lately, I guess just trying to relive my late 20s because we watched a lot of that show back in the good old days of the 2000s.

Ever notice how many tv shows have that breakup scene with the angry spouse yelling at a main character all "We've been married for 15 years and I'm tired of you always putting work ahead of our marriage and never being there! You're always saving lives and doing surgeries! It's never going to be MY turn to come first is it!"

Maybe other non-doctor shows, like lawyer shows or whatever, have this scene too... I don't remember because I mostly watch doctor shows. It happens a lot on those. And every time I just totally don't understand, I mean is this a real thing? Do people marry someone in medical school and think "well she's busy now, but in a few years she'll be on vacations all the time with me! nothing better to do than stare into my eyes! let's get married!"

I thought that was sort of a marriage 101 thing. Like, if they hear you say "I just keep hoping he'll change... marriage should do the trick!" then no pastor, rabbi or justice of the peace in his or her right mind should actually conduct a marriage ceremony for you.

I'm constantly stumped about why divorces happen, they always take me by total surprise. Maybe the TV shows are written by people with more experience and more realistic than I think. Or maybe nobody understands why marriages break up, so of course the TV shows are wrong but they're scraping at something?

Oh well, for anyone wondering... grey's anatomy still has a really weak season 4. I kinda lost interest around then in the 2000s and rewatching it I just remembered again why. we never even saw bailey's husband until he showed up whining about wanting to leave her, what a jerk.
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