Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

do you have a separate work cell phone?

My company doesn't want us to have blackberry devices anymore... fair enough. I have a choice between asking them for a new phone, or installing their software on my personal cell and just using my phone for both home and work.

Reasons to just have one phone:
1) I don't have to carry around two phones or remember two phone numbers. Kinda awesome.

Reasons to have two separate phones:
1) I always know how to answer based on which phone is ringing... I won't say "Hello?" when I should have said "Engineering this is spacefem".

2) Company can't spy on me. When you sign up to use your own phone for company email and intranet, you install and app and agree to let them wipe the whole thing clean if they think security is at risk.

3) Free charger.

4) They pay for it.

And then finally, a lot of people have this sort of "home is sacred!" philosophy when it comes to combining home and work phones, they do want personal phone number that coworkers do not have. I honestly don't get tons of phone calls anyway, yet, and with my blackberry I usually do just answer it even if I'm home because it might be important, so I think I'm already failing at work life separation or whatever.

Anyone else dealt with this, probably years ago because I'm a little behind? What drove your choice?
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