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summer activities

My rate of livejournal entries always peaks in January, and slumps in August. I think. I haven't ran the stats, but that's how it feels.

So anyway here's how I've been spending the summer:

1) I have a website project:, a site that makes it easier for people with etsy shops to trade our stuff. It's great fun, stemming from my own love of getting handmade soaps and original artwork in exchange for the zipper pouches I've sewn way too many of. But when I start a new website I get OBSESSED with it in ways that you guys probably don't understand. Marc is cool with it. That's why I married him. He's dispositioned to not think I'm a loser. But the general population? They shouldn't know.

2) We joined the YMCA this summer and go to the pool every weekend. Finally! I wondered how swimming was supposed to work, when you don't have a subdivision pool. Josie is in swimming lessons one night, gymnastics the next... I said we wouldn't be "that" family but it happened. She loves all of it, and Olive loves playing in the kid nursery.

3) Zero camping. Zero flying.

wait... did I even mention that I got my FAA medical? I did! Like two weeks ago though... and I hate flying in late July and early August. I know. Total punk. So I swear, when it's not 1000 degrees outside I will splurge and get current again.

4) At work I started a new position in April with a bigger team and I love them, and we love airplanes, and I'm back to working on little propeller planes, and everything is happy when we focus on that.

5) I read some trash books that made me feel bad about myself. Back to non-fiction, I think.

6) Olive is so freaking cute you guys. One year olds are the best. They're like tiny people... they take social cues and pretend to do all this stuff like laugh with everyone else, brush their hair, put on shoes, except they can't actually do any of it. She can reliably say "cracker". And when she sees her sister she says "bobo!" instead of jojo. She does not reliably say "mama" when she sees me but I know she's physically capable of making the sound, so whatever.

7) Last night Marc and I went out for cheap tacos at a little place on south pawnee, on the way home he suggested stopping for a nicer desert because "it's our anniversary!" and I said "uh... yeah!" because hell, I forgot, of course I did, we both pretty much did! Our anniversary is monday, it'll be seven years. They're kinda starting to run together. But either way, we grabbed cheesecake and wine, the kids were at a YMCA night out thing, that was how we accidentally celebrated.
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