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spacekid1's coloring tutorial

My four-year-old's life is going to be so radically different from mine.

For one thing, she's got a pinterest account. And she's FOUR. It was just for cute animals, but then she started noticing all the crafts and she loves crafts. Her latest kick is watching youtube tutorials. She'll surf pinterest until she sees that tell-tale arrow that signifies a movie, and she's in the zone.

These things are so long! I mean we're talking 20-30 minutes of a webcam focused on a rubber band bracelet loom, with a lady talking us through the steps - but Josie is entranced! And no, she cannot make these bracelets yet, or follow instructions, or use a crochet hook. I'm certain of it. She'd be nothing but frustrated. But she watches the tutorials and zones out, they're good to get her into late in the evening before bedtime because they're very relaxing.

Inspired by all this, she's started asking me to video her other crafty activities, mainly coloring, while she talks us through them like the women in the other youtube tutorials. This is ridiculous and probably not entertaining at all but I can't resist... it starts a bit slow but around halfway through, she really has a lot to say:

I have a LOT of these videos. We have a lot of drawings, and go through a lot of paper. She's very productive.
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