Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

site updates, mallrats, my happiness

Two site updates to report today:

First, I opened the cafepress store so all my adoring fans can buy attack banana frizbees and useless blob t-shirts. It's more fun to look at than anything, really.

Second, I uploaded my new online quiz: Which Annoying Internet Entity Are You?. I've learned that people usually post quiz results when they say positive things, so this quiz should go positively nowhere.

Now on to my real life.

I went to the mall with my sister today to look for... stuff? Oh, all sorts of things. Really I wanted to look for cute clothes and accessories because when we went to the ben folds concert I didn't have a lot to wear and had no jewelry to complete my fun, girly, "yeah I go clubbing all the time!" look. Today's trip didn't help with any part of that. First, I could not bring myself to buy accessories. I just can't see myself in a necklace, it doesn't work, I'm doomed. Then I'd try to think about cute girly clothes and either think I was too old for them or just too smart. Almost tried on one dress, this short hawaiian print surfer thing that was so fun, but my sister stopped me. Conversation was roughly like this:

Spacefem: This is cute! What do you think?
Sister: I think... God no! That is waaaay too short for you, hon
Spacefem: But that's what we're supposed to wear to go out, short flirty stuff.
Sister: Not us. We're too tall.
Spacefem: I don't get it.
Sister: Your legs are too long.
Spacefem: My legs are too long? You know, that's a virtue in some circles! I think I should show off my legs!
Sister: Yeah if you want to look like a freak!
Spacefem: I won't look like a freak!
Sister: Fine, whatever, I don't care, try it on. I think it's adorable, you'll look great.
Spacefem: I don't feel like it now, I totally hate you.

And so the story goes. I left the mall with a pair of flip-flops and some fudge from the rocky mountain chocolate factory.

I have been sticking to my goals of leaving the house for two hours a day. My room is a little cleaner, my toenails have been painted, and I'm generally happier than I was last week so I've got that going for me. Also switched to the Mozilla web browser because Konqueror was just flaking out too much, and change is always good.

Final thought of the day: Eminem is a bigotted asshole who I hate. So why do I start smiling and turn up the car radio when his song comes on? Conflict! Agony!
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