Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the baby learned to walk (w/video)

Olive learned to walk about two weeks ago. It was cute.

I feel like Josie was really absent-minded about walking, didn't even think about it. She was about ten months old and just started letting go of everything, and falling on her face and not caring.

Olive was 13 months old, and totally happy crawling, until she figured out some fun games. She set herself up a little training course at my mom's house, she'd sit on a step, get to standing, then take steps out to us. When she got close to whoever was playing "baby catch" with her she'd lunch forward, mouth open wide, into our arms. She seemed to love the speed of walking.

Olive and Josie did have one thing in common: both of them went from zero to sixty in about five days. Out of the blue you see them taking wobbly first steps, then suddenly it's laps around the house. And no crawling, they never look back. That's such a baby thing, so passe when you're a TODDLER.

So here is big girl Olive showing off her steps:

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