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wholesome family stuff vs. eating on the couch in front of the TV

When Marc and I had our apartment, we ate most nights on the couch with a movie on. It felt lazy and kinda unhealthy, so a few times we made the effort to set the table and eat there, with serving dishes and forks to the left and all that. I was afraid that eating on the couch was unhealthy.

Then came the baby. If we sat her in a high chair at the table, we could sit and eat and it was the only 30 minutes of the day we weren't holding her, she was occupied! It was great.

Then came another baby. Josie had to sit in a chair at the table, she's obviously not balancing things well enough to eat at the couch. Olive was restrained and occupied in the high chair like babies are.

So that's what we do every night - we sit and have a family dinner like civilized people. But not by choice. It's because that's the only way we get a break to eat our food. Command a kid to sit in a chair so we don't have to chase them. I thought families that sat at tables were so much more wholesome than we were - not so! They just survive.

Oh but then there are nights like tonight... Josie is at a parents night out thing and Olive is still at that age where friends WANT to watch her because she's a cute baby and not an insane toddler, so it's just marc and me. And we are eating on the couch and watching a movie and it's AWESOME!

Being married with kids is an endless adventure. Today we went to the aviation museum, Josie and I played with duplos, we read books, Olive practiced her walking, it was a blast.

But being married with no kids? That's a sleepover party, every night! It's no time to be wholesome! If I could send myself a message back in time that's what I'd say - screw wholesome! Stay up way too late talking! Spend an entire saturday in bed! Get drunk at a club and don't wander back home until 2! It's not immature, it's fabulous, you've got to soak that fun up like a sponge because it'll all change soon and suddenly your fun can only happen between 8am and 3pm (before naptime) - you are on someone else's schedule. And you're tired. And you're strategizing. In it together, still having fun, but wholesome happens to you. You don't invite it in.
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