Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

have you hurt yourself on a bicycle?

So follow up from a few days ago... Josie got a bike with training wheels for her fourth birthday. We've gone out every night, I walk the dog and she's close by me on her little bike, pedaling her heart out, she loves it.

Bikes are awesome. My bikes led me to many adventures and happy memories throughout my life.

My first bike also lead me to bust my teeth out of my face when I was ten. Now, when I was a kid NONE of us wore helmets. They were commercially available, just dorky, I don't even remember if we owned them before my accident. Nowadays someone would probably call child services if you let your kid ride a bike with no helmet. One of those "how did we survive?" things.

I'm still wondering what's going to happen to Josie on this bike though. I don't think a helmet would have saved my teeth. And since we've been finding her in dangerous situations since before she could walk, she's obviously not the most careful child. As awesome as bikes are it's like opening pandora's box.

So let's look at the statistics with a poll, shall we?

What have bicycles done to you?

I never had a bike, or never rode much
I have happily ridden a bike for years without suffering any injuries
I've had cuts and scrapes but all fixable at home
Accident requiring medical attention, but not hospitalization
Long term damage/days of hospitalization
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