Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

olive's walking process

Weeks ago I said to Josie, "Do you know your baby sister's birthday is saturday? She's going to be one year old!"

Josie, age 3.9, responded by saying, "Is she gonna turn into a kid?"

She did not turn into a kid, despite Josie's question that might have well been a request. She's still our baby. But she's bigger. And she's gotta be days away from walking!

Josie was barely ten months old when she started walking and we were all totally unprepared, I just remember her taking a few steps from the coffee table. Then the next day nine steps, I counted. Then the next day... laps around the house.

Olive seems to not grasp the point of walking or something. It's a fun game sometimes, we'll stand her up with her back to the couch, sit 5-6 feet away, and call her. She'll toddle ungracefully, one foot in front of the other, mouth open in a wide grin until forward rotation gets the best of her and she tumbles into our arms.

She likes to push things, like her little train. The other day she was pushing josie's baby stroller and had some center-of-gravity issues. The stroller tilted backwards on its rear wheels towards Olive, and the handle went down to the floor. Olive stayed on her two feet the whole time, just held on, picked the handle back up and kept walking. It seems like if she's got the balance to do that, she could just walk on her own. Is she holding out on us?

Most of the time though she just wants to relax. Josie had a lot more plans going on all the time, it's hard to describe. Olive sometimes wants to put duplos together but she's also happy just looking at a book, or even sitting.

I watched her play with a sunbeam for like 25 minutes the other day. Hand on the floor in the light, hand on the floor out of the light, up in the air in the light, up in the air out of the light, babbling about it in her little voice... repeat. there is no way to tell what's on a baby's agenda.
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