Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

broadway trip?

The other night my friend jane and I were drinking wine, possibly to excess, and she mentioned that she really wanted to go to New York to see neal patrick harris in hedwig (!) and said we should go... girl weekend! split a hotel, see shows, it'd be awesome!

my first response was "oh no, marc will be insanely jealous if I see a real broadway show without him!" but marc was a good sport, he was like "GOOO!" he generally thinks i'm not impulsive enough, knows I need time to myself, knows that I'm more supportive of his trips when I've had something too, all that. nice guy.

so I was like "okay let's go!"

and now I'm wondering if that was a good idea or not? jane is so excited, planning ticket prices and checking dates. The issue I have is that the trip will probably be in the $2000 range. I have a savings account, but remember a while ago I wrote about how I had a goal of being a world traveler? opening up my perspectives, leaving the continent? that's what my travel savings is supposed to be for... in about three years, when we can leave the kids at grandma's for a week, I want to be on the other side of the world with my husband.

I also wrote an entry about how I hate New York and am never going back, but both jane and marc say that maybe I just need a good experience of the place to remember the cool things about it. everyone else loves New York.

I'm conflicted. I don't think this trip will kill my chances of traveling the world, but it might delay it a year, or take away from the trip. this New York idea... good for me? maybe. but not my goal.
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