Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mother's day simplified

happy mother's day!

this holiday has gotten really jumbled in my newsfeeds. I say that I love my mom, but then I feel obligated to add the disclaimers that I realize not everyone had a great mom and you can still be okay if your mom wasn't great, with a supportive comment for anyone who's lost his or her mom. Then I need to mention that you can still be great if you're NOT a mom, with an evaluation of society's unfair standards for women, then an academic view of the history of over commercialized holidays.


my daughter's preschool interviewed her about me and reminded me that this can all just be very simple, too. relax, and roll with it. shut out the world and think about what a holiday means for you. that's what I'm doing this year.

here's Josie's views on mothers day. she's almost four, her preschool teachers wrote out her answers then she drew a picture of me on the top and. I have orange hair, a purple dress, I'm under a rainbow with stars. My age is slightly off. My favorite food is actually her dad's favorite food. She added one of her favorite colors to my favorite colors. It's perfect.

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