Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

where's the glue at

I meant to write this story down, it happened months ago, but at least I'm getting around to it.

I've written before about kids and intent... how sometimes they do something crazy or awful, but you can't really be mad because they meant well?

well one day marc was watching TV and josie comes bounding in announcing that she made them a PICNIC, she was so proud. he goes into the craft room and she'd taken all her play kitchen dishes in there and filled them up with various amounts of elmer's glue stirred into water. and there was glue everywhere... in a rough matte finish on the table, dripping watered down onto the carpet, covering every toy. she'd been pouring and stirring with all the skill of any three year old and it was a disaster in there. he didn't even know how she'd gotten to glue, it's not something in her normal supplies, but she'd sure found it today and it was filling a dozen little play dishes on her coloring table.

he took a deep breath ready to point out the mess but there she was by the table just beaming, and she says "Okay for our picnic... I made soup, and milk!"

what can you do? he shrugs and sits down and resigns himself to playing picnic, one of those laughing-to-keep-from-crying moments, and later on explains that there's some cleanup that needs to happen.

I got home from work that night and together they tell me this whole story, and marc ends it with "so that's all to say... you're out of glue." and Josie was smiling adding bits to the story and nodding along with the conclusion saying "and we had soup and milk!"

so now days I hide my glue so well i can't even always find it myself, and in my head as I'm wondering where the glue is, or finding empty bottles of it or tops left off glue sticks again, there's never any damn glue or tape in my house.

then I remember: "soup and milk". and I smile and move on.
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