Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

faa medical update (still no medical, but...)

So an update. A month after my initial deferrment I got my letter from the FAA detailing what they wanted... basically physician statements.

My medical examiner thought it would be proactive for us to get a consultation from a neurologist, to which I exclaimed "SERIOUSLY?" And then I explained that I have a high deductible health care plan and just had a baby so my HSA dollars are tapped so she'd better be referring me to the CHEAPEST neurologist ever, like McNeurologist or something, and I'd better not have to get any testing done for this bullshit... she said relax, we would not be running tests to inquire about why I get 1-3 migraines per year. Just go visit.

The neurologist had a cancellation so I went this morning. He said most of his patients are desperate, have daily migraines, I explained no, I'm just here for beurocratic reasons. I just needed him to tell the FAA that in his professional opinion there's no reason for me to seek additional treatments. He asked me some questions, had me prove that I could touch my nose and follow things with my eyes and boring stuff, it can't be more than $500 right?

Then I got some paperwork from my medical examiner and talked to her office about what I was supposed to get from the consultation and had to call them back to confirm that there wasn't a form she had. I called the neurologist back. Oh and here was this conversation:

"Hi, this is Spacefem, I had an appointment with Dr. G this morning and need a written statement from him that my neuro... neurolology, uh, I mean the consultantcy from the neuro... gist, uh... can he say I'm normal?"

(brief pause)

they said they'd mail it to my examiner so it can all be in the package. yay!

I explained all this to my coworkers and they were like "Whyyyy did you check the headache box on your FAA form?!" Uh, because I had severe headaches? Because in my profession, it would be extra bad to get caught lying to the FAA? Because who knows maybe it really is a problem?

It feels painful and bullshitty, but here's hoping it's going to be over soon and we'll all be able to laugh about this adventure.
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