Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my dream job

a friend of mine posted asking people to describe their dream jobs.

I had to think about it quite a bit because I've often realized that none of my hobbies really translate to things I could do for 40 hours a week. I like making websites, but it's too solitary. like sewing, but it feels like an assembly line factory after a while.

last thursday some crucial members of my team at work were on vacation and I got called out to fix an airplane. I realized I was out of practice. I do that sort of thing a lot less now that I'm a group lead. It took more than one try but we found the answer, it was a combination of things, it felt good to help get a plane out the door.

troubleshooting: to find what doesn't work, you find all the things that do work, to eliminate them as culprits. bit by bit you make the system do different reliable, predictable things. soon you uncover the unpredictable component, the missing wire, the pushed back pin that's not quite seated in the connector.

I like my job.

I blog a lot about feminism, more than airplanes probably. Maybe that's the only thing I don't like about my job... being the only girl. it makes things kinda weird sometimes. my dream job would be 40-60% women engineers on other team, somehow... don't ask how we'd recruit all these women.

But since it's my dream job I don't have to be realistic, that's what it is... I'd run some kind of feminist avionics mod shop. with really good coffee. maybe we'd host art exhibitions on final friday just to spice things up. I would be a mentor, career counselor, trainer, block-diagram-maker, philosopher, and historian who carefully documented every story of a com interference problem we eliminated. in the summer we would have paid interns who would rave about how cool we all are, in the winter we'd have a hangar big enough so we could pull every plane inside to de-ice it. I think that all sounds nice.
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