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weekend routine & events

Figure every once in a while I should post about the stuff that goes on in our lives.

We had a typically busy weekend. Friday night Josie stayed over at a friend's house, which she absolutely loves to do, and her friend's mom says she never minds because the girls play and play together and don't bug her. Marc DJed in Old Town. Olive and I watched Jodie Foster movies on Netflix, they added "Nell", that's a good one if you haven't seen it.

Saturday morning I went shopping with my friend Cate. I bought a sweater at Dillard's. We tried on dresses too, just for fun, but I don't need dresses. Then we went to Il Vicino to meet my family from lunch. Marc had picked up Josie from her sleepover and she was in angry sleep-deprivation mode, completely losing her mind.

We had to clean house in the afternoon because people were coming over, I cleaned the guinea pig cage then went straight up to take a shower because it's allergy season and cleaning the guinea pig cage messes with me anyway. after my shower I laid on my bed for a second and woke up an hour later. Josie had already gone and taken a nap, which was good.

marc made sushi, it was delicious. our friends left a little after nine.

Sunday morning Marc was DJing a 5K benefit for dogs or something, so he woke Josie up because he'd promised she could go with him to the "puppy race" and she was exhausted but so excited. He also took Judy.

Olive and I played, then went to church so she could hang out in the nursery with her baby friends. The nursery staff was impressed with her cruising abilities. She's almost 11 months old and not walking yet, but she pulls up on anything or anyone and then can go from between tables, chairs, different pieces of furniture, very easily.

When we got back from church Josie and Marc were back. We ate leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch. Marc left to go DJ a place on the west side... actually when I think about it, him having three gigs on one weekend is NOT typical, I usually ask him to keep it to one. But this was the only one that involved him leaving me at home by myself with both kids, so I didn't mind.

I packed the girls up in the car and we went to the Chisholm Trail Nature Park to walk paths. They have nice places to walk there, through a lot of trees, and it was obvious Josie hadn't been outside enough lately because I told her we were going to a forest and she said she didn't know we had those here. She thought they were on Mars. She also still confuses every body of water (in this case, all sightings of the creek) with "the ocean". She's never seen the ocean because we live in Kansas, I figured by now she'd have understood through books and photos that you can't see across it, but she's still obviously very confused.

There were lots of cool little trails leading off the paved path, but with Olive in the stroller we couldn't take those, I told Josie we'd come back sometime. I also let her bound around on a bunch of collapsed concrete slabs for a while that were over the creek, got Olive out and let her sit there and pat the ground.

On the way home Josie told me "Olive fell asleep!" and I said "that's okay, she can take a nap." and five minutes later I looked back and Josie was asleep too. I got us home and made three trips... unlocked the door, carried 40-pound Josie to the couch, carried baby olive gently in, and everybody stayed asleep.

Marc got home by dinner time because I'd asked him not to make this an eight hour adventure even though the event itself was all day. He made alfredo noodles with shrimp. There was broccoli. Olive ate broccoli like she always does, so it looked like an explosion, I rinsed her hands and face then just took both girls straight upstairs for a bath. After bathtime we watched Cosmos on TV, then went to bed.
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