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dressing for work

I realized I'm jealous of my 10-month-old baby because you know what? she doesn't have to dress herself. someone buys all her clothes, then each morning comes down and physically puts her into a clean outfit. also, a coordinating set of sweatpants that match her onesie is considered a really put together look.

someone please figure this out for me. I hate buying myself clothes, putting on clothes, deciding what to wear. Are women supposed to get joy from this? I would literally outsource all of it if I could.

I want to look nice at work, I just don't have a lobe in my brain to tell me how to do it. I have other things to think about.

Sometimes I search for fashion on pinterest... general fashion is a mess, so I'll search for something like "gray slacks" to find ideas that at least incorporate a piece I already have. oddly enough, most everything I search for has as many if not more men's results than women's. that's me failing as a girl, I realize.

but honestly for work I can't be that girly because it's a freaking airplane factory, so most fashion is eliminated because of one or more quirky requirements I have:

1) No open-toed shoes. This is a hard-set rule by my company, for safety reasons.

2) No skirts or dresses. They just don't feel engineer-y enough, and aren't glamorous when climbing past the pedestal to sit in the cockpit in 6-seater jet.

3) Layers are a must because I never know what the temperature will be. The office is kept at 68, unless the HVAC system is freaking out which happens at least once every two weeks, then it'll be 80. Or I'm going outside and it's either hot or cold. Or I'm running around and just need to shed a layer because I just walked a mile and I'm hot.

4) Did I mention that I'm abnormally tall? This limits selection.

So last week I think I wore the same black cardigan 3, maybe 4 days, over different tops... that's okay right? I need something I can layer with my black pants because if I wear the black cardigan with it I look like I'm in my pajamas. I googled some looks and apparently you're supposed to pair black pants with a "pop of color"... again, not in my engineering vocabulary.

for a couple years there I stopped caring about my career and just wore khakis and polos every day. but I'm trying to look like I want to be the boss. not ashamed to say it. just not sure how to dress like it.
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