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pain seen on pinterest: clocks for decorating

Public Service Announcement time.

I used to have a friend who loved clocks, had them everywhere in her house, vintage ones, different colors, they were cool. None of them worked or were set to the right time. Drove me absolutely up the freaking wall. I'm a person who likes to know what time it is, all the time. I'd look up and see these clocks calling to me "I will tell you the time! I'm a clock!" except JUST KIDDING, they were there for pretty factor, the time was all wrong. it was awful.

so then I see on pinterest that people will set a clock to stick on one time FOREVER so they'll remember some special time, like when their kids were born... whyyyyy would you do this?

the inspirational quotes above them don't make it any better people. you're still putting clocks on your wall with misleading times. it burns us.

Yes, I do remember what time my kids were born... Josie was like 6-ish, Olive was 1 or 2 in the morning. Times when normal people would rather be sleeping, that's for sure. Why I went into labor right at bedtime I don't know, nature trying to screw with me and my OB I guess. I don't need a reminder of it. Nor do I need the reminder that their 1-month pictures are way cuter than their newborn ones. But I digress... please think of people like me who are time-obsessed and need accurate information, or who look at gages all day and think they're important. Don't stop your clocks. Let them function. Please.
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