Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

long live the hydrox cookies

My own three year old daughter has had no prompting, biasing, or pre-education from me about sandwich cookies. she's too little to understand the complex story.

tonight she got some oreos at a restaurant in a little pack as part of their kids meal. we took them home. she opened each cookie, licked out the frosting, and left the chocolate outsides on the coffee table.

I told her "Josie you were so excited about your cookies, why did you leave these here?" and she just said "I don't like that brown part."

because it TASTES LIKE SAND, I thought. of course she doesn't!

shrug. she'll never taste a hydrox. it's too bad. there was a cookie for us, kid. I didn't even have to tell her... somehow she knows.
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