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how will we communicate online in 18 years?

There's this meme going around in some groups I'm in for moms who just had babies. It says to get your baby an email address, and send her little notes every few months. Then when she's 18, give her the password.

All the moms in my groups post the collective "awwwe!!!!" reply to the idea, I'm the nerd who can't get along who says "we'll still be using EMAIL in 18 years?"

So that would mean Olive would get to read all these little notes from me in the year 2031. Think about that.

Granted, email has made it 18 years. If your baby was born in 1996, you might giving her a password to... something, I don't know what. That was Hotmail's first year so unless you were a VERY early adopter, you probably had an email through your ISP. Maybe some old fogie nerd reading this can help me understand what was around back in the day.

Maybe I just hope email won't last another 18 years though... because it sucks. I swear 99.9% of it has to be spam. One asshole running alone can fill up your inbox with giant attachments galore. Gmail tried to prioritize it, but now I'm missing stuff because it "misses" some things that are really important. dammit. passwords get lost, passwords get hacked. abandoned accounts get purged. or forgotten about entirely.

So I think I'm going to stick with my plan for saved communications - once a year I use ljbook to download my livejournal to a PDF, then I print it with lulu. Not perfect. If we have a house fire it'll all be gone. But at least livejournal is still around, I've been here over ten years. Maybe that's what 2031 will be like... just me, the last American on livejournal.

If anyone here can predict the future and tell me a way to send my child notes that's more reliable than paper, I'm all ears. Until then I'll just see if this gets to her:

Dear precious baby Olive: You're 18! Go play the lottery and buy some porn, you adult you! Then get back to class and keep working on those scholarships, what do you think I am made of money?

Love, Mommy in 2014
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