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wardrobe reduction update - sending clothes to @twice

A few months ago I posted about project 33 - this idea that if you simplify your wardrobe down to a few pieces you actually wear, your life will be happier.

I've been slowly getting rid of stuff! Haven't quite laid everything out and counted 33 items, but now that Olive is nine months old and my "normal" pants seem to be fitting me again, there's hope in sight.

I also discovered a website I like: (yes technically this is my referral link - because, might as well)

It's a big secondhand clothes exchange. You can send them your nicer brand-name clothes and they'll pay you for them, or give you credit for you to do your own searching. and when it comes to secondhand one-off clothes I LOVE having a web search for them - 3/4 sleeve purple top! banana republic button shirt! pants size 8T! Their selection of tall sizes is limited, but it exists! That's something.

So I packed them a little envelope of shirts I wasn't wearing and a dress. Urban outfitters stuff, gap, eddie bauer. They say they only take stuff up to five years old and I had NO idea how old my clothes were, probably borderine to be honest, so half the stuff I sent they considered "dated" and wouldn't give me anything for them. You have the option of paying $5 for them to ship your clothes back to you, otherwise they donate them to goodwill and I was fine with that because I probably would have donated them to goodwill anyway.

I'm just happy that some of my slightly more loved, nice items earned me something instead of joining the sea of thrift store clothes, seriously those racks are stuffed. there are just so many adult clothes that get donated, and a site like twice that photographs them nicely and lets people search by size will find them more meaningful homes, I think.

I took their offer for my clothes as store credit so they inflated it by 20%, turned around and bought some new (to me) tops that fit a little better for my wardrobe.

I think they accepted five of my shirts, that was good for $18.75. So basically five old shirts for one new one? Whatever.

I realize too I could sell my old clothes on ebay but you have no idea how annoying it is to do your own photography and set up listings... I can't stand it. I do it too much for etsy, and really as little as possible anymore. This is so much easier.
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