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ask me anything about: stay at home dads

I volunteered to speak at our society of women engineers regional conference this year about being a working mom with a stay at home dad husband and surprisingly, they accepted it! Which means I gotta talk about my life for an hour (or... 45 minutes + 15 for Q&A). And I must admit I'm struggling a bit to think up what's notable about my situation. I think I submitted the idea for conference shortly after I wrote this livejournal entry about our life and why we decided marc should stay home with the kids... basically just to say that's it's working out great for us. But I hope I can make that interesting to a small audience... the audience will be mostly professional women who may or may not have kids yet and may or may not be wondering if they should go single income, or maybe they'd just like tips on supporting their own already at-home spouses.

So I was wondering if anyone here had questions for marc or I about this topic? stuff that might be in the back of the mind of a normal person when they hear about a family where the mom works and the dad stays home. if it's something I can't answer, I'll consult with the man. I'll post an entry with all the answers in a week or so, it'll be fun! I think. I hope, for the good of the conference.
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