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new couch day!

when I got my first apartment in 2002, I ordered some furniture. most notably, a purple sofa and matching big chair. I pictured myself curled up in the chair reading all the time - this didn't quite work out. the chair was just sort of a pain, big enough it took up TONS of room, but not big enough to ever seat two people at the same time, unless they were very skinny.

the couch on the other hand worked out great. and I loved that I went with a color. never regretted the purple couch.

for a while it lived in my roommate's basement. we could only get it fanagled into the closest room down there, which had been a workout room so it had mirrors all along one wall. that's when we dubbed it "the sex couch" because people would walk into that weird little room and say "what's with all the mirrors?" we had a lot of parties in that house. there were hookups. it might have lived up to its name. I'm not saying. there were also people who crashed after parties alone on the sex couch, and we got to give them lots of shit about it the next morning.

couch moved to marc's and my apartment downtown for a few years. and we were happy.

couch moved to our house. it was getting a little squeaky.

But really, we just sort of got tired of the whole "one couch" arrangement. the big chair was far away. when we had parties we dragged kitchen chairs in for people to sit on, because there was just the one couch.

and when there weren't parties, well, we are a family of four now. we fight for spots on the couch. it's a little insane.

so just like we bought a new bigger car when we had this last baby, I think we should have bought a new couch.

this is a big deal. sometimes we call it "the sacred couch". we get home after weekends away, and look at each other and say "ah, finally, BACK TO THE COUCH." replacing it was huge.

we aren't getting rid of it, it's being moved to the basement. it's holding up okay.

but our living room is about to be taken up by a HUGE sectional that we ordered over christmas break - a huge, bright blue sectional. because I just couldn't go beige, after all the years of having a purple couch. I just hope this all works out, I hope the new sectional knows what an important role it has to fill. we all need to be able to sit on it, snuggle, nap, read, sew, surf pinterest, nurse babies, change diapers, balance coffee, take pictures... it's the most important furniture in the house.


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Feb. 11th, 2014 04:26 pm (UTC)
New couch day is so exciting! Glad you could keep the old couch too because it's seen a lot.

I can't wait to get a new couch. Two of the chairs we bought at ikea in '98 and they're functional but sad looking. The couch is a hand-me-down that we got for free from a friend but it eats you and it's nearly impossible to get out of. Need to save up for a new couch, but it'll take a while. I use savings from the budgeted electricity bill to save up for purchases like that. Maybe in a couple of years I'll have enough. I want a nice, big sectional too - one that fills the room!
Feb. 12th, 2014 01:58 am (UTC)
We have two couches. One, my mom bought secondhand in 1984. It is MY couch. It comforts me when I am sick or stressed. I used to sit on my mommy's lap on this couch. I am on it now, under my cat and the afghan my grandma crocheted.

The other couch we rescued from beside a dumpster during college move-out week in 2006, while we were waiting to close on our house. We also rescued a reclining wing chair from a curb that year. They had to wait on our apartment porch until we moved. </p>

Both couches are hide-a-beds. Our living room is good for two couches, but really neither of them can be opened. And both beds are ancient and squished, so I've added sleeping bags under the cushions. One of these decades I'll buy a new couch. But it doesn't top the list (rewire the apartments, replace windows, get solar panels, save for retirement...).

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