Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

maybe valid creative efforts are just about networking

Went to an open house mixer last sunday at this place called The Labor Party in old town, its a sort of shared office space for entrepreneurs. The local Maker group, Make ICT was going to be there, plus a coffee and code group that hangs out Thursday mornings.

It was fun, I saw some cool stuff.

But can I just say something... it was very male.

There were women there, but they were far outnumbered. I even ran into some guys from work. Marc and I had both wanted to go so we took the kids and Josie was a little grumpy but Olive was happy... I felt like we stuck out, because all these guys from my office are dads but they just left their kids at home with their wives. It was like that was the "normal" arrangement, and we didn't get it.

I'm doing my taxes. I made a shitload of money off Etsy last year, as a side job so I held back a lot. I had over 1,200 sales, and it was almost all fabric I designed, had printed, cut up by the yard in my basement, and sent to other women. I was all alone. They probably work alone, in little rooms, while the kids nap. All these women are making so many things but it's just sidelined as this cute crafty stuff. I wish I could talk to someone about all the things in my head around my Etsy hobby.

I realize this entry is not very well organized. I just felt like all these people were connecting, there's this great new movement, I feel like being female pushes me towards the isolation and then being a mother dunks me straight down into it.
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