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it's all good

Have gotten wonderful advice of late from lj friends on how to get 1) employed and 2) sane. I love you guys! So anyway I called Dave up this morning and told him I'd love it if he'd visit, and he seemed happy to hear that, so he left Des Moines. Then I went to church with mum. Good songs today. We went to Hen House (fabulous grocery store, I love it!) and got stuff to make a big sunday dinner - decided on kabobs with steak and chicken, bell peppers, pineapple, vadelia onions, tomatoes. mmm! Came home and got to work so it would all be ready around two o'clock... I was starving but I knew it'd be fabulous. We cut up the peices of steak and chicken and put them in ziplock baggies full of tariaki sauce and put them in the fridge to marinate.

Started making rice and setting the table and everything, then I opened up the fridged and just gasped because (this is great) I had put the ziplock of chicken on the top shelf and it had fallen over and IT WASN'T SEALED ALL THE WAY so raw chicken marinade liquid was all over the fridge. oh shit. Things kinda went down hill from there, no one was happy, we stopped all dinner preparations to dismantle the fridge (it was a total mess), wash it all in chlorox and soapy water, dry it. Wash the outsides of containers, the insides of drawers, whole bit. I felt awful, and I was starving, and had never had time to change out of my church clothes. Then Dave shows up right in the middle of the whole disaster and I just burst into tears. Could not handle it anymore, it was now two o'clock and dinner was not even started yet because I was trying to poison the family fridge and everyone was flipping out.

But eventually the fridge was cleaned (thank god) and I poured myself a lemonade with a little rum in it and sat down. Chopped some veggies and ate some pineapple bits that were very good. Dinner was accomplished (eventually) and tasted great, we made Dave cut up the bread and my sister set the table and dad grilled and mum calmed down to the point she could kind of laugh about the chicken issues and put things on skewers (felt good to put things on skewers after all that). I'm sure I'll laugh about it one day too. We got to telling stories about "awful things we've dropped in the kitchen" and that made me feel better.

We had apple pie and coffee. I changed clothes and Dave and I went to office max, where I bought a 704P router on sale for $60 so I can finally give his back. I also found a nifty desk lamp on clearance for $5. Came back and now I get to go bowling which should be fun.

Per advice, I'm setting these goals for this week:
1) Leave the house for at least two hours every day
2) Get dressed each day before 10:00
3) Don't blow off friends for no apparent reason
4) Apply for at least one job a day and follow up with phone calls or visits afterwards
5) Go to the pool once to lay in the sun
6) Clean room
7) Be positive and glowing
8) Paint toenails
9) Pray

Wish us luck! My first prayer is to average at least 130 tonight... I must earn some points for this poor bowling team I'm holding back!
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