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2014! New Years Resolutions time

Okay, doing this early this year! It should be a good one. Here's how my 2013 resolutions went:

1) Remember to use reusable shopping bags more often - I kinda did this, but am coming to terms with the fact that the person who does the grocery shopping in my house doesn't care as much. Oh well.

2) Take more good staged photographs of the guinea pigs - failed.

3) Fix the screened in porch that the dog ruined - this happened! thanks to Marc! Still a little work to do on it but we replaced the broken bottom screens

4) Keep etsy finances very very separate, to make taxes/accounting easier - did this! marked my mastercard "business only" and stuck to it, yay

5) Post in the etsycontest blog once a month - did this until August, then stopped caring

6) Keep the craft room a shade cleaner, get rid of fabric I'm not using - It was a shade cleaner. and I got rid of some fabric. there's still too much.

7) Reorganize our closets so our clothing seems to fit in our house - Improvements were made

Now for 2014....

1) Keep our mail organized

2) Set aside some craft room space for josie

3) Have a huge garage sale

4) Convert some scripts over to mysqli

5) If I buy clothes, aim for natural fibers. Organic even.

6) Start flying again

7) Hire babysitters more often. Go out. Have fun.

8) Read up on intersectional feminism or anti-racism issues
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